Tricks Applied To Win Real Casino Slots And Jackpot Payouts

The jackpot slots are not always the hottest, if I see that nobody is playing it, I don’t get close to it, because the operation of the jackpot is to hold a small part of each player’s bet and to extract it to the lucky one, which, coincidentally, is almost always the roller (the one that points strong). If nobody was sitting in those jackpot slots, what would I have to win? A quarter of my stake money? Again, the big jackpots are won by those who play high bets, only rarely who plays little wins high jackpots, it happens, but with the same probability of winning the lottery.

So How Do You Tell If A Jackpot Slot Pays Off?

Start playing with a low bet but with all the pay lines and bonuses active, try all the slots, but before sitting down, always check that the slot has not paid very high figures. For the uninitiated, in live casinos, in each slot, there is the payment of the previous player who made the withdrawal, but this does not mean much, it is not always real. If you have a ticket with $300 in a slot, and then load the ticket with $ 300 above in another slot, play one dollar and withdraw. “299 $ paid” will appear on the screen! This is understood when you have a row of slot machines, and you see that in each slot the paid balance decreases, going back to the example you will see in one slot $ 300, in the one alongside $ 270 paid, then $ 240 and so on, this is the case in which you do not have to be fooled by the paid slot.

As this could deceive you, the opposite case could also deceive you: the slot has not cashed anything, you see “paid” 0.23 dollar cents, so don’t always pay attention to the word paid. Unless there is a high payout higher than $ 1000, but the last one is not yet said: that slot could have also cashed $ 20-30,000 and the poor naive who thinks he can easily win a lot of money, leaves you a fortune in minutes. Why is this happening? Simple, if I win in a slot machine and cash in, for example, $ 300, I download them, then I put another $ 10, and I play them by downloading the 0.23 cents that will deceive those who do this reasoning.

In the slots that allow you to bet a high bet, instead, my advice is to play with a low bet, but also make crazy bets that often allow you to “tilt” the slot. This is because, given that in these machines, hi-rollers often play, and given that the maximum bet can even reach $ 100-200 per shot, they will certainly have cashed more than a slot that allows a maximum bet of $ 2. Considering our limited budget, and considering having to get a good money-loaded slot, my advice is to start playing with the minimum bet, wait for the slot to pay something, and alternate the bets. The big blow we will do when we have won a certain amount, and there we will send it haywire always betting in alternate phases: low bets interspersed with very high bets that the slot “does not know” because no fool would bet $ 100 in one fell swoop. But I did it, and so I also won. However, always keep in mind what your budget is and that you may never review the money deposited again.